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Infinity map reset:

Hey everyone, as most of you have probably seen, the poll for Infinity's reset and combining of the two infinity servers into one server was successful with a majority vote.

We have now reset the server map which all infinity players will join now instead of two separate servers.

For people that have purchased items for either of the two servers, you will recieve your packs. To do this all you need to do is post us a support ticket (up on the Contact Us menu) and write to us what packs you need to receive.

Server Updates:

Infinity has been updated to 1.8.2: Changelog

Departed has been updated to 1.2.1: Changelog

Lite 3 has been updated to 1.3.0: Changelog

Sorry if ive been slow for updating ive been sorting out our first flat and preparing it to get ready to move into it so ive had less time to spend on the servers, but we should be moved in by august so its not too long now, with this means more time to spend working on the servers and spending time with the Brierie Community and I will finaly have fiber optic internet :D

Happy gaming guys!

- alicheek

AkaruC Donator L1BenefactorMOD Yay for fiber optics *\0/*