New Brierie CivCraft Server

IraqiMilitant Head Admin posted Oct 15, 14
Our new CivCraft server is now live!

you can connect at To play you simply need to boot up minecraft vanilla version 1.7.10 and log on.

For the world map visit

for more information on CivCraft you can go to the wiki at

cheers, and hope to see you online!

IraqiMilitant Head Admin There is the DynMap for help in navigation, as for /tpa etc come wartime that would be unbalancing, nearly game-breaking ...
Goldenfate Helper
Goldenfate @ Brierie's CivCraft
Perhaps a voting reward system. Where if you vote for the server, you get use of /TPA or /warp market. Just a few sugges ...
Goldenfate Helper
Goldenfate @ Brierie's CivCraft
Is there any way to put in some form of navigation for this server? Or perhaps TPA functions. I can see new players (mys ...